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Welcome to Dinky Donuts. UK's official Dinky Donut website.

Welcome to the official website of Dinky Donuts. Based in the United Kingdom

Dinky Donuts is a registered trade mark brand and we hope you can enjoy the same great taste of Dinky Donuts wherever you are within the UK.

Since the first “Dinky Donuts” appeared in 1986, Millions of Dinky Donuts have been sold throughout the UK

You may have tasted Dinky Donuts in your home town. The american style doughnut flavour is a secret recipe that makes for a yummy taste sensation. The “dinky donut” name first came about when these new mini donuts were presented to an event in Northern Ireland as the people were queuing to sample these new sweet delights the phrase that kept coming up was “Ohh look they’re so Dinky”. The name was, after lengthy battles with the Trade Mark Authorities, eventually registered as a Trade Mark of Time Leisure Ltd. Time Leisure Ltd is the registered company name which also owns Towability Trailers and Bella Barista for lovers of good coffee.

Based in Wellingborough Northamptonshire, Dinky Donuts more'ish nature has gradually allowed the expansion of Dinky Donut operators throughout the United Kingdom. Dinky Donut licensed operators, uphold the recognisable Dinky Donut brand, that you know and love. All our lincesed operators register every year with NCASS and Ourselves To maintain the Dinky Donut high standards.

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To all of you, from all of us at Dinky Donuts - Thank you and Happy Munchin!

Dinky Donut Team
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.